Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Two baby congratulation cards

I'm very fortunate to know two new babies that have recently been born, and had a lot of fun today making these cards for them.

I also discovered some new alphabet fonts that I have ordered and are on their way. Looking forward to have a play with them. I'll let you know when they turn up!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bags of Japanese knot bags!

I've gone a little crazy in making more knot bags, 10 in all now! I think it's time to stop! But once you start I find I was thinking about how the next one could be slightly different, so I had to have another go. Then I found a pattern for a really cute smaller bag and I had to have a go!
The reason I have made so many is that in January I offered via facebook to do a kind of pay-it-forward. The people who replied to my post would receive something from me at an undetermined time in the future. I wasn't sure what it would be when I offered but the bag gave me inspiration so I started making some. I also wanted a bag big and strong enough to transport my meditation stool and mat, so that's what the big bag is for.
Here are the pics!
 Here are 9 of them all together.

 Here's one I made for a friend and took the opportunity to give it to her while she was over from Switzerland. This is made from the fabric of a beloved skirt of mine that sadly hit the fabric pile when the zip broke and I had to cut myself out of it!

 Daddy, mummy and baby bags. 

 The same basic pattern with and without an inset base.

 Patchwork bag open

 4 baby bags. These are cut from pieces 8 1/2" across and the base is 4" in diameter. 
All of the bags are reversible. 
I think it's time to give the sewing machine a rest and do something different for a while!