Thursday, 22 March 2018

More curiosity than fear

Mindfulness & Creativity Workshops
Thursday evenings, starting on May 10th, 6.30 - 9pm (running fortnightly).

The stimulus for each session is one of playfulness rather than having to produce something.
All creativity involves an openness to what is in front of us, noticing what is present 
which is why we use the term ‘more curiosity than fear’.

What's the difference between any creative class and one based in mindfulness?
Well. for a start there won't be a radio or music on in the background, 
as I find this a distraction rather than a help.
We begin with a mindfulness practice that sets the tone for the session
then proceed to different creative crafts
where we work quietly and gently, exploring together.

There will be time for a tea break and questions or discussions as we go along
but the emphasis for each session is a mindful awareness of what is going on, 
maybe working with doubts that arise about our abilities,
 judgements about what we are producing or
comparing ourselves with others.
 These are not just ‘have a go’ sessions,
but a chance to deeply explore creativity from a present awareness.

Session 1: Playing with words, including a creative writing exercise 

Session 2: Playing with paper, including making a card or simple concertina book

Session 3: Playing with colour, including a technique with watercolour pens and water droplets

Session 4: Playing with pattern, including a contemplative exercise exploring pattern-making

Session 5: Playing with words II, including exploring a meaningful word or emotion from a creative perspective

You can attend one session or sign up for all 5, but booking is essential, 
so please follow this link for more information and booking via Eventbrite. 

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