Monday, 3 April 2017

More glass making

I'm really pleased with my latest foray into glass-making.
Having made 50 (paper) books last year I had a crazy idea of making a glass book.
One of my favourites of the 50 books was the one with Shakespeare quotes
so I was keen to recreate this, especially now I know how to adhere words to glass.
My lovely daughter had bought me a full day session for Christmas and birthday 
so I was ready to play!
It took a bit of discussing with Jane - the lovely glass-making expert -
and I just had a very strong image of what it would look like.

This is how they started off, one 'page' for each quote and one for the 'front cover'.

Then into the kiln -

And here's what they looked like cooked, ready for the words.

With words adhered, out of my oven.

And close ups of the pages in the finished article, joined together with wire and beads.


Although I had anticipated the pages standing upright like this

I decided it looked too regimented, and much prefer the way it has ended up, casually lying back, supporting each other, as you can see the words much better like this!

So happy with the finished results and huge thanks to Jane
#attheglasshouse for all her help! :)

Mothers' Day glass-making

My delightful son knows how to please his mother! He and his girlfriend booked a special one hour glass-making session at  #attheglasshouse for me and her mum. 
We had lots of fun playing with metals and trying to anticipate how they would react in the kiln. 
We each had a chance to make a dish and here's mine.

This is how it started off before going into the kiln.

And this is how it came out, after slumping!

Gorgeous! Love the blue hues.