Sunday, 30 March 2014

Felt embroidered cards

A few years ago I bought some gorgeous felt squares from Oliver Twists that are hand dyed and have a lovely speckled effect as well as subtle colour changes on many of them. The squares are about 9 1/2cm and perfect for a quick couple-of-hours project that can then become an amazing handmade card.
Here are some recent ones. I find it helpful to do a few together at one time as when I'm working on one I get an idea for what the next one could be.
The wool on this one was short pieces used to tie the squares together in a bundle.

This is based on a drawing/doodle I did many years ago and has just sat in my notebook until recently.

This is not quite my usual colours but was inspired by a recent trip to the Lake District with my husband. We stayed in a gorgeous vegetarian hotel called Lancrigg ( - well worth a visit whether you're veggie or not as the food is amazing!)

These next 3 are actually made on my own handmade felt. After playing with other people's felt for a while I thought it was worth having a go and fortunately my sister had done a course of felt-making and had some expertise so we had a lovely day together playing around and experimenting. I was very pleased with the results although they didn't feel as hard-wearing or strong as the bought ones.

Paisley inspired birds (when I got bored with just the paisley shapes) and perfect for the engagement card below!

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