Monday, 14 April 2014

Coloured glass

Something I haven't done so much recently but used to do a lot of is make my own jewellery, especially necklaces and bracelets. Mostly using glass beads as there is something about coloured glass that I really like, the way the light catches it or shines through it is so exciting for me. As I write this I'm looking round my room and realising I have quite a few pieces of glass hanging in the window or sitting on the mantlepiece, lighting up the room. So here are some pictures.
Beginning with
 necklaces and 

Then these are some of the decorative glass items that adorn my living room.
 This began as a Christmas decoration for the tree but was hung in the window afterwards and has stayed there ever since. In the background you can see our door reflecting the same sort of theme.

 A gorgeous purchase from Art in Action ( last summer. These were bought individually from a lady who puts clusters of glass leaves together as lampshades. 

 These next two were purchases from France many years ago, from a random French market in some seaside town, can't even remember where!

 This glass heart was something I bought for my husband from a quirky shop in York, but somehow I think I appreciate it more than he does!

These delightful little dishes (only 6cm across) and the hanging bird below were Christmas presents from my daughter.

 And finally a tea-light holder made by a friend of mine who puts broken glass into the base before firing. Enjoy!

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