Tuesday, 27 May 2014

more lino printing

Over this bank holiday weekend the family (mainly my sister, daughter and niece) and I have had another play at lino printing. It started with a birdy birthday card idea and all took off from there. 

 here are several different leaves
 and a collection of the lino cuts we have been making this weekend.

I think this feather is my personal favourite so far, especially using 2 different colours for printing.

 my sister has done quite a bit of printing onto book pages. I find it difficult to take pages out of books (even ones bought from a charity shop for that purpose) so I photocopied the page for this print.

 it was a very opportune moment that my daughter was sorting out her room and wanted to throw away some sheet music paper, which gave me the idea for this print.

and finally my favourite quote, from my favourite person, Thich Nhat Hanh.

So now we're all ready for lots of lovely card-making. And having the letters to print as well makes me very happy. Great fun!

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