Monday, 29 May 2017

Blue furnishings

At last we are having a dedicated meditation space in the garden, in the form of a log cabin. The cabin is up but not yet treated or painted, so no photos of it yet. But I have been working on cushion covers and decorations for the inside. This bank holiday I have been mostly folding origami birds that will hang from the ceiling.

There are 60 altogether in 5 different blue papers. I especially love the paisley ones and the darker blue with flowers!
I have also made denim cushion covers for various cushions I found scattered around the house.

The purple one in the middle is from an old jumper!
Had lots of fun making these, and it has been AGES since I used my sewing machine, and happy to be creating something for our beautiful meditation space. I will post pictures of the interior when it is ready.

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