Wednesday, 25 April 2018

More handmade books

I have recently got back into the joys of handmade books, and what a delight it has been!
For me, pinterest is always a good starting point for fresh ideas.
This week I made two books,
with another two recently as part of a #mindfulnessandcreativity workshop.
And here are the books - 
This first one has a quote from a lovely hymn that I only recently heard "now the green blade rises" a lovely hymn to spring.
It's a tiny book one inch square when closed with a wax seal on the front, ribbon ties and printed leaves and wording inside.

This second book I made during a book-making workshop, demonstrating the beauty and simplicity of concertina books. The cover, which wraps around the book, is handmade paper-cloth, with some machine embroidery detail. It has a simple closure sliding into a slot.
Here is the book open, revealing its concertina length.

This is the 3rd book, and I had lots of fun playing with the front cover. The book is pages grouped together into signatures and hand-stitched at the spine. The removable cover is made from handmade felt (mostly from Oliver Twists, not me!) and machine embroidered on the leaves and background. With a handy pen or pencil holder at the side.
And the 4th book is my personal favourite!

This small book has a clever closure with the key sliding through the ribbon slot.
The paper cover is from Namaste.
Half of the pages have a lace-like cut-out edging.
It's only little but it's beautiful!

Hope you enjoy the books! :)

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