Sunday, 25 January 2015

Kusadama origami flowers

I started browsing a lovely book called "Playing with books" by Jason Thompson with the idea of making a book but got intrigued by these Kusadama origami flowers. I have made a few which I will use as part of an altar decoration for a Sangha meeting tomorrow evening (will post a photo of that after tomorrow). The largest one made from pages of a book is the size suggested originally, 6x6" but I felt that was a bit big so played around with making smaller and smaller ones. The smallest (blue & white) is 6x6 cm.
I also experimented with the thickness and weight of paper. I love the idea of using decorated papers but the ones here (blue & pink and blue & white) were too heavy to hold together (using double-sided tape) and I had to sew them together! It's quite hard sewing through thick paper and I ended up bending the needle!
So the lighter paper the better! The last ones I made were from newspaper and they have worked really well.

Here's a collection of all of them.
And a couple of close-ups.

Book pages


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