Friday, 6 February 2015

50 books for a 50 year

I have decided that in this, my 50th year, I am going to make 50 handmade books. All different kinds. Some will be plain notebooks and others will have content in them. I don't yet know what they will all be but I'm hoping that in making one there will be another idea for the next one.
This is the plan, let's see if it happens!
My intention is to make 50 books throughout this year and then hold an auction of them all. The proceeds will go to Plum Village, the monastic community in France where Thich Nhat Hanh lives - This seems to me a rather exciting and pertinent way of celebrating being 50.
I have already begun, although when I made the first 5 books this year I didn't realise this is what they were for. You can see the first 5 books on a previous post called 'A library of handmade books'. All I'm doing is extending the library.
I intend to have an exhibition of them somewhere (ideas and thoughts gratefully received) when I have finished so people can view them and then bid for them.
Here's a photo of some I have previously made (if I run out of time these may end up in the auction as well).

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