Sunday, 17 January 2016

Polymer clay shapes

I had a lot of fun yesterday with polymer clay (like fimo). I wanted to recreate something like the clay hearts I made last year for Christmas tags with bicarb of soda. These were very brittle so I wanted something more robust and less likely to break. The clay is ideal and I got a selection pack with small amounts of 32 different colours. What I love about them is they bend together well like marbling.
Just before Christmas my family and I did a silver clay workshop creating a pendant and the way we did this was using texture mats to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. This inspired me to take things a step further with the ceramic hearts.
So as well as the clay I bought a few texture mats and cutters that are used for cake decorating.
And here are the results.
Lots of very pretty shapes just waiting to be attached to gift tags!
These are a selection of the clay blocks I started with.

hearts ...

leaves ...

and paisley.
I particularly like the ones textured to look like knitting! Inspired!

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