Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fused glass-making

I'm very happy with my first attempts at fused glass-making, on a day with my sister that was a Christmas/birthday present from several family members. We went to sunny Scunthorpe to Hazel Burnham's for the workshop and had a fantastic time playing with lots of coloured glass. 

We started off by collecting together lots of pieces of glass from the various tubs around the room. I followed my usual colour scheme of blues, purples and greens.
There was already a fantastic collection of pre-cut pieces, so although we did learn how to cut glass we didn't need to very much, other than trimming the odd piece to fit.

This is what it looked like ready for the kiln and lots of heat. We lightly glued each piece into place (using the tiniest amount of pva glue per piece) to hold it and make sure nothing moves when it goes into the kiln.

 And this is the finished result, sitting on my window sill waiting for a hook to hang from. I'm really pleased with it! It was an excellent day, great fun, and we even had lunch cooked for us while we played!

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