Friday, 12 January 2018

Water pebbles - breathe

I have since been exploring combing calligraphy with the water pebbles. I had some time on a retreat in October to play with this idea and a create a large piece, A2 size, based on the calligraphy breathe.
As I discovered on a workshop recently, with this type of calligraphy I find it easier to form the letters from right to left, working backwards and starting with the last letter. Obviously this is very counter-intuitive, so takes some thinking about and planning where to start!
I began with the word breathe, and played with the images around it.

1st stage!

2nd stage, creating the pattern before the fun of the water pebbles.

And then the water pebbles begin. 
On this one you can see the water droplets have only just gone onto the paint, and aren't yet really taking up the colour beneath. To the left of each droplet you can see the reflection passing through the water from the window.

This now shows half the image covered with water pebbles.

And now complete with the first stage of droplets.
Because some of the coloured dots and swirls were so close together I couldn't put the water droplets on them all at the same time as they would just merge together.

Stage one complete and dry.

And now the whole piece complete having gone over with a second stage of water droplets. 
Although it looks really interesting, to be honest, I wasn't pleased with how the spirals turned out, but this is all part of the experimentation, as I couldn't predict what would happen beforehand.

To me, these are the really interesting photos, close ups of the water pebbles 
with these below following the shapes of the spirals.

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