Thursday, 11 January 2018

Water pebbles circle

Lots of glorious colour in the fabulous technique of water-colour pens and droplets of water, which I am calling water pebbles.

This circle is 14cm in diameter and shows the image drawn/painted and partly covered by water droplets. 

Here's a close up of the circle once all the water droplets are in place, picking up the colours of the paint. I love the way some droplets merge and collect more than one colour (this looks better wet than dry, as once dry it becomes a bit of a muddy brown!)

Here's the finished image.
Lovely though it is, I still feel the wet images are for more beautiful!

And them I experiments a bit with swirls of colour rather than just dots. 
This is the completed image still wet.
This circle is 21cm in diameter.

A close up of the image with water droplets on it.

And the image dry.

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